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Astrology Remedies for Family Problems

Astrology remedies for family problems

Astrology Remedies for Family Problems

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We all want a happy and pleasant family, but most of us are unaware that family strife or troubles are frequently caused by an incorrect planet. Astrology Remedies for Family Problems, Indian Vedic science offers a variety of astrological cures. Astrologers may put an end to all pains or lower their intensity by providing effective Grah Kalesh problem solutions by examining horoscopes¬†and proposing treatments. Grah Kalesh Nivaran Puja also tries to instil optimism into people’s lives by restoring lost happiness.

Have you ever considered what happens when a person returns home to find that family members are in a bad mood, what happens when a person returns home to unwind and find that everything is in disarray, or what happens when no one in the family likes each other for no apparent reason ?

Online Astrology remedies for family problems

Family members arguing in everyday life for no apparent reason is a major problem on this planet. Trifles can sometimes turn into major issues that lead to family dissolution in the long run. Family feuds are always a source of concern for the family head. If you want the Astrology remedies to really work for you, then some things related to of husband wife solution should be clear in your mind by consulting World Famous Astrologer.

Family Dissensions: What Causes Them

Family conflicts can arise for a variety of reasons, ranging from minor difficulties to major and complex circumstances.

We’ve highlighted a few family problems:

    1. Problems with the ego
    2. Whether it’s a case of envy or a matter of money,
    3. Financial or business difficulties
    4. Problems caused by the enemy
    5. In your home or office, you may have a Vastu dosha.
    6. Due to the position of the planets
    7. Family Problems and Astrological Remedies

Below are some fantastic astrological remedies for family troubles that can help you and your family find peace and happiness:

  • Daily, pray to Ganesh Ji.
  • Holy water should be strewn over your home.
  • While mopping the floor, add a pinch of salt.
  • In the northeast corner of your home, place a tulsi plant. Water it regularly to keep it healthy. Regularly, add a few drops of honey.
  • Every Thursday, apply kesar Tilak after Shukl Paksha.
  • On Saturdays, give genuine sugar and water solution to the roots of the Peepal tree.
  • Sleep with your head turned towards the east.
  • Rock crystals should be kept on your person at all times. placements in our horoscopes. It is due to the negative effects of the malice planets that we have family feuds despite our best attempts to restore happiness and peace in the family or put a stop to Grah Kalesh.

Grah Kalesh Treatment With Astrology

We’ve devised a few simple Grah Kalesh cures that will cost you nothing but will ensure that you and your family members will live happily ever after:

  • Always keep your speech tone in check. Even if you disagree with anything, you must present your arguments calmly.
  • Begin by meditating daily. Every morning, close your eyes and sit for 15-20 minutes to calm your thoughts.
  • Respect your elders by keeping a Sphatik Shivling or Medhak in your home.
  • Put gunja in a copper jar and keep it in your home.
  • Toss pennies into the rushing stream.
  • Give the poor and needy food and blankets.

Solutions per vastu Shastra 

To rejuvenate your ties with family members, hang a painting of a waterfall or install a waterfall wallpaper on your computer desktop.

On Saturdays and Amavasyas, clean your house thoroughly to ensure that it is free of dust and waste. Make certain that you are not surrounded by any clutter.

Grah Kalesh Problems Solution: Mantra upay

Mantra upay is a Grah Kalesh solution according to Vedic astrology. You can restore serenity and optimism to your house and strengthen your relationships by reciting a handful of these mantras. A few Grah Kalesh mukti mantras are:

“Dhaame Dheeme Dhoome Dhoome Dhoome Dhoome Dhoome Dhoome Dhoome Dhoome Dhoome Dhoome Dh

Dheeshwari Dheeshwari Dheeshwari Dheeshwari Dheeshwari Dheeshwari Dheeshwari Dhe

Kalikaa Devi, Krama Kkreema Krooma,

Shaame Sheema is a character in the film Shaame Sheema Shooma “Mae Shubhama Kurua” is a fictional character created by Mae Shubhama Kuru

After having a bath in the morning, 108 times repeat this phrase.

Harana Kafhthana Kasala Kalusha Kaaleshu, Harana Kafhthana Kasala Kalusha Kaaleshu, Harana Kafhthana Kas

Sanasee Fadnesua Mahamoha Mahamoha Mahamoha Mahamoha Mahamoha Mahamoha Mahamoha Maha

This is a daily Grah Kalesha Nivaran mantra.

“Om Namah Shivaya” is a Sanskrit phrase that means “Om Namah Shiva

The most basic and straightforward mantra to recite every day. Mondays are the best days to recite this mantra in the temple.


You can bring harmony to your family by saying the above mantra for 108 days with faith. When you believe your thoughts, you can solve a lot of problems. We’ve all heard the adage that you don’t attract what you desire, but rather what you are. So, if you want to prevent conflicts, keep in mind that everything excellent is about to happen. Trust in God, say the mantra, and you will notice a difference.