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Solve Love and Relationship Counselling Advisor

Relationship Feb 4, 2022 No Comments

When a relationship ends, it can be quite devastating. Breakups affect us all differently, with some people appearing to get over someone quickly while others appear to take a long time. You’re not alone if you think it takes a long time for you to recover after a breakup. After the first shock and agony wears off, we’re frequently promised that everything will be OK. Is it the case, however? It’s fine if getting back out there seems impossible or even impossible. For a while, it’s natural to feel sad and numb; after all, we’re going through a grieving process that must be completed before we can begin to recover. Get Love and Relationship Counselling Advicer Arjun Shastri from experts on and call on whatsapp +91-9950073975

It’s very acceptable to be grieving over a relationship at any time, whether you’re just starting out or have been together for months or years. Your negative sentiments and emotions are taking you along the path to recovery, so don’t feel terrible if you’re still experiencing them; it just means you’re still mending, which is a good thing. You can take a variety of steps to help you proceed in the right path, including allowing yourself to heal and adjusting your perspective to one of recovery and calm.

Solve Love and Relationship Advisor Arjun Shastri

Keep in mind Time is unlimited

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no time limit on how long it takes to get over someone you care about. While the adage “time heals all wounds” is correct, it also puts pressure on us to heal faster than we are capable of.

We feel degraded if we haven’t made any progress after months or even years. Always have a positive attitude . Don’t be too hard on yourself for taking your time to mend because there isn’t one.

Allow yourself to experience your emotions.

Negative emotions are frequently demonised, and we are led to believe that feeling sad, angry, or hurt is harmful to our health. We must go through the grieving process, which includes denial, anger, blame, sadness, desperation, false hope, and a variety of other emotions. These feelings frequently go in circles, making it appear as if you’re getting over them only to have them smack you in the face again. Although the pain may seem infinite, remember to go with it and accept the feelings for what they are: a means to an end.

Remove your ex from one’s mobile based social media accounts.

We are constantly bombarded by other people’s lives in this day and age. It’s unbelievably simple to find out what your ex is up to, but the problem is that you’re not giving yourself time to recover. If you’re having trouble letting go of someone, consider removing them from all social media platforms, including your phone. Although it may seem like the last thing you want to do, the best things aren’t usually the most comfortable. Keep in mind that you are just doing this for yourself. Seeing what they’re up to all of the time just serves to reopen the emotional damage, which will never heal. You will feel incredibly empowered after the initial sadness of deletion, and this energy will last for a long time.

Keep in mind to love yourself. 

It’s all too tempting to blame ourselves after a sad breakup and assume that we weren’t good enough for them or the relationship. Even the most self-assured people sometimes have feelings of unworthiness, so don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s important to remember, though, that your worth is not dependent on others – you are a unique individual. Your identity is not and was not related to the relationship you had, despite what you may believe. The most essential thing you can do after a breakup is to remember to love yourself.

Remember that there isn’t just one person who can help you.

We live on a world with a population of billions. It may appear like that individual was the only one for you, but we all know that isn’t true. You probably believe that no one else will ever make you laugh as hard or have as much in common with you as you, and you may be right. However, everyone is unique in their own way, and you will find someone (or many individuals) who will connect and bond with you in a variety of ways. The relationship didn’t work out for a reason, and it’s simply because you weren’t meant to be together, but it doesn’t have to be a depressing notion. You matured as a person, which will serve you well when the next wonderful person enters your life. It might not be the case. 

Don’t cling to your rage and blame. 

Although it is healthy to embrace our unpleasant feelings, holding on to anger and blame for too long can be harmful to ourselves and others.

When we spend too much time blaming others for our sentiments, we are basically relinquishing our control to them. It obstructs our healing and lengthens the time it takes. Remember that no one is to blame, regardless of what caused the relationship to end — bitterness can eat you alive, and it’s critical to recognise when it’s taking over your thoughts and feelings.


Relationship conflicts almost often emerge when one or both partners aren’t getting their basic needs satisfied. And it’s frequently the case that those demands aren’t expressed adequately or that somebody’s needs are overlooked. In either case, the problem stems from a lack of awareness of one’s own needs. Relationships terminate when one party determines that the cost of not having their needs satisfied is too high.

In our relationships, we all have these requirements, but we all prioritise them differently. And prioritising one need over the others can lead to problems in our relationships, which can turn into long-term routines.

Identifying your wants and your partner’s needs and finding ways to bridge them together is the key to understanding what went wrong in your previous relationships and having better partnerships in the future.